3 Vital Factors in Picking the Perfect Roof

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Building a roof isn’t imply just buying the cheapest, most readily available object and placing it on your home. Okay sure, it may be that way in the technical sense of the word, but buying yourself a SUSTAINABLE, LONG-LASTING, EFFICIENT roof also requires you to look into the factors that will make it as such.


On many occasions, we here at Lianro have reiterated the importance of having a lighter, if not white, colored roof in order to have a more livable home. This has been echoed by numerous studies due to the fact that unlike light, pigments grow darker once they become more abundant in an object. And increased pigmentation allows for more absorption of heat.

This means that houses with darker roofs have the tendency to be hotter than other, lighter-colored roofs because they keep in more heat. Whiter roofs reflect light off from itself and ultimately from the house’s interior. Think dark and light-colored clothes. Which one keeps you cooler on a hot summer day?


It’s all in the science, baby.

And to push the importance of lighter-colored roofs even further, not only do are they capable of keeping heat away from the roof, but they are more effective in keeping the house warmer during colder weather. How so? Well, similar to how darker pigments can absorb external heat more effectively, they can very well dispel internal heat to the environment as well.

To make things more concise, dark roofs tend to heat or cool a home based on the outside, while lighter roofs keep the temperature stable inside the home—just the way you want it.


While house roofs have evolved vastly from being primitively straw-based to the sleek metal sheets Lianro is very much proud to offer, it should also be very important to look into the kind of material that suits best for the type of environment your house is in.

To make things clearer, consider the difference of materials needed for houses that live in swampy, wet places compared to places that are generally drier and less humid. These varying climates would require varying material, depending on what can tolerate what.

For houses in Denver, or to be more general about it, Colorado, roof materials that are deemed more practical tend to lean towards metal and stone. This is due to the fact that these two materials are the most efficient in keeping homes insulated from the highly varying weather, which is quite common all over Colorado.

Aside from its practicality in terms of weather protection, a material’s price has to be considered as well. And despite the rumors, metal roofing is ultimately more cost-efficient than its stone counterparts. Although most metal roofings are more expensive upfront when it comes to installation, they are in need of less maintenance. So when you look at it in the long term, metallic materials save you more than the additional expenses you incur when you buy it.


And honestly, they can look pretty darn good on your home.


There’s a reason why you can’t just pick up a metal sheet and plop it on your walls. And there’s also a reason why you can’t just build a 100-storey mountain made of steel. Your roof has to be in sync with the rest of your home. Its structure has to not only be able to whisk away rain, snow and hail into gutters, but also has to be resilient enough to not blow away easily during storms or tornadoes. In fact, some scientific studies have indicated the best roofs to have in places where strong winds prevail. You can check it out here.

So don’t get carried away with high steeples and minimalist flatbed roofs. Make sure your home has the kind of covering that will keep it safe whenever danger lurks nearby.


Especially ones you don’t expect at all.

So to sum it all up: A perfect home needs a roof that sustains. And we at Lianro aim for you to have the best home you can possibly have. And we do it by giving you THE best metal roofings at affordable prices. We tick all the boxes AND some. So, if you aim to have the perfect roof for you and your family, call us up and we’ll take care of the rest.

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