A Year-Round House Design Calendar (Part 2 of 2)

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For the latter half of the year, much of your house’s design ought to be based on the predominant event within those months. Take July for example. Since the fourth would be the first thing that would come to mind, a good part of later June and the days leading to it should hold a strong inclination towards celebrating the country’s independence. Flags raised on the day, blue, red and white schemes, and much festivity would be the best way to spend Independence Day with your family. After that though, you can very well go back to the summer theme your June home had.

August would be a great way to transition you home from summer to fall. This means less yellow, more orange colors. Similar to how the green leaves the equinox brought slowly change to a bright marigold, your house should reflect an adapting feel. It allows you to prepare yourself for the arrival of autumn, and all its chilly glory.

On September, your home should be in full-blown Autumn mode. Warmer colors should be splashed all over the house. This would help prevent the cold winds from permeating your house, and would also help keep the warmth in. You can still plant some vegetables, though, despite the falling leaves. You can check this article for ideas on what to sow in this season,

Late October means one thing—and one thing only—for household design: HALLOWEEN. And you can go crazy over this. I mean, isn’t that what the occasions all about? You’ve got to remember to be careful, though. Fire hazards and unsafe props are quite abundant during this time.


November and December should be a great way to not only celebrate Christmas, but also to make sure you have a warm one. White and very bright colors have been proven to be the most effective shades in keeping your house warm. This means your Santa-themed white curtains are PERFECT for the season. So put up those lights, set-up those reindeer, and hang those white curtains to have yourself a Merry, merry Christmas with your family. Caring for your house’s aesthetics not only helps you with impressing your in- laws. It can also help reduce electric bills and even provide you with fresh food on your dinner table. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful, clean and ever-changing home?

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