Class A Fire-Rated Roofing Stands Strong in the Midst of Devastating Fires

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This summer has been like no other in recent memory. Our home state of Colorado has been absolutely devastated by wildfires. Near Fort Collins the High Park fire burned more than 87,000 acres and destroyed more than 250 homes. In our own backyard, the Waldo Canyon fire decimated more than 350 homes and took the lives of two people. All across Colorado and the West these fires continue to wreak havoc. It breaks our hearts to see the devastation these fires have caused. Our prayers go out to those affected by these tragedies. We also give a big thank you to all the firefighters and support personnel who worked tirelessly to protect us from the devastation that could have been. Thank you! Thank you!

Colorado metal roof

Lianro Metal Roofs, Inc., is very relieved that only one customer lost their home within the perimeter of the Waldo Canyon fire. Does the roof covering affect the defendability of a home during a fire? All indications say yes. Not only is a stone coated steel roof a class A roof, but it’s metal. Metal does not burn nor does it  support flame. In fact, it takes two-and-a-half hours of something very hot burning on the roof to get the steel hot enough to ignite the understructure of the home. (See the burning brand test.) Also, stone coated steel fits together tightly, so there is no way for embers or sparks to lodge under the roof (like with tile) and smolder into a fire. Many homes are lost in wildfires because fires spread roof to roof. Having a non-combustible Class A fire-rated roof was the saving grace of many home owners during this historic fire season. Lianro has dedicated the last thirty-three years to helping homeowners protect their homes from wind, hail, fire, and driving rain. It’s our hope that your home never be tested, but when it is, stone coated steel seems to always pass the test.

How protected is your home when the unthinkable happens?


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