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We all know that home life is SWEET. But we all have got to admit that it can be a pain, as well. Lots of us just want to go home to a home that’s worth living in. But more often than not, the complete opposite is true.

But then again, nothing is impossible for us here at Lianro. And so we offer you FOUR great tips on how to turn and keep your house the way it should be: AWESOME.


Lianro Blog - Keep it in shape

First, let’s talk about those times in your life when your house breaks down on you just when you need it to be on its best form. This is exactly why you should make sure your house is in its highest efficiency all year-round! Go ahead, look around. Is your heater actually heating up your home? Is your fireplace working like it should? Are your windows intact and void of cracks? Don’t be such a scrooge when it comes to fixing up your home during this season because the amount you supposedly “save up” on not preparing your home’s flaws will eventually fall into paying your bills the next time the mailman comes around.


Lianro Blog - upgrade it

Contrary to popular belief, fixing broken windows and leaking roofs AREN’T enough to help you enjoy your home to its fullest extent. Which is why upgrades can be as necessary as repairs. Although it may cost more, a brand new AC system may prove to be more cost-efficient than ol’ Faithful. To know the average lifespans of common household appliances, try checking THIS out: 


Lianro Blog - Be prepared

Sometimes, things just don’t go the way we want it to go. Your beloved fridge goes kaput. Your sofas met its untimely doom, thanks to your dog. You just can’t get that leak fixed! Don’t worry about it too much, it’s all part of house care. And if you look at it in a different way, it might just makes living in a home of your own all the more fun. Go ahead, buy that fridge you’ve always dreamed of. Stitch up your sofas in a fun, creative way with your kids. Learn how to be a handyman. Life can and will hand you a house filled with lemons. So go make lemonade.


Lianro Blog - make it a family affiar

Oftentimes, we forget the fact that we are not alone in keeping the house clean. We have our spouses, kids, friends and neighbours with us, willing to join you in your daily housekeeping adventures. And don’t worry if your kid whines a little more than you expected, he’ll thank you for it sooner or later. Remember: the home was designed to make life with your family better and more comfortable. So take the chance to get them involved. That’s bound to make your house a sweet, sweet home.   

Living under your own hard-earned home is tough work, but it’s not an impossible task. Like in many aspects in life, all it needs is a proactive perspective, a creative mind, and lots and lots of caulk.

Happy home-keeping everyone!

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