Hanging Christmas Lights On a Metal Roof

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Having a Metal Roof is perfect if you are wanting to hang lights and decorate your house to look in tone with the holidays. Here are a couple of easy ways that will do the job.

Christmas Light Clips

Man Installing LED Christmas Lights on Roof Rain Gutter

You can attach them to either gutters or edges that allow the clip to slip underneath it. Most metal roofs won’t allow you to do this, but fear not: there are also special clips for metal roofs that will assure your lights stay in place and make your home look perfect all season long.

Here are some clips and tools you can use that will do wonders for you and your home:

Magnetic Clips

You can trust these strong magnets will not let loose. They are designed to resist weather and last a long time.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks

You can also use strong heavy duty magnetic hooks. These hooks are usually used to hang stuff around the house or the garage, but few people hang their christmas lights with them. The advantage is that the hooks last longer than the plastic christmas light clips and they can be used to hang different types of decorations throughout the year. A probable disadvantage is that the hooks only hold the string and doesn’t allow for much control. Because the hooks are stronger they can hold heavier things than the clips.  

Time to Light up the Night

Get another person to help by standing back and making sure your lines are straight or just hold the ladder steady. If you are clever, you can get that person to bring you warm drinks as well!

Christmas lights are just a little part of this festive season, and there is no reason a should make it an all-day task. Work smarter, not harder with a metal roof!

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