Historical Homes Look Great With A Metal Roof From Lianro!

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It doesn’t matter if we are installing a metal roof in Colorado Springs, Denver, or Kansas, one of our favorite types of projects is installing a metal roof on a historical home. There is something about a home that is steeped in history that just can’t be felt on a newer home. Maybe it’s that sense of satisfaction that we get knowing we are contributing to preserving a heritage. Or maybe it’s the nostalgia that takes us back to younger days. Either way it’s a privilege that we cherish.

There are thousands of historical homes in Colorado and kansas that need a metal roof. If you own one of them it makes a great deal of sense to investigate the benefits that a metal roof can provide. Some of those benefits specific to historic homes include unmatched beauty and durability.

One of our favorite projects that we’ve done is the Babbitt-Doerr House in Larned Kansas.  We replaced the original Victorian shingles with Hartford Green Victorian Metal Shingles by Berridge Manufacturing.  We also replaced the fancy decorative wood shingles on the walls of the house (as necessary) and the cedar shingles on the porch.  We’ve attached a few before and pictures. Please enjoy!

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