Keep your Metal Stone-Coated Roof CLEAN

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Dirty Roof? No problem. Here is what you should do to clean your Metro Roof.

The Metro Roof Products roofing panels and the coating are not adversely affected by organic growth like fungi. Organic growth; however, can make that beautiful roof look… dirty.

In this case, here’s some recommendations to help:

Preventing Organic Growth 

For large particles and/or debris: simply remove them by hand or with a soft bristled broom or a low pressure rinse from a garden hose. Make sure not to spray up the roof surface and avoid spraying Into the Side Joint, that might cause water to get in through the construction of the roof.

Once you remove the debris and food sources like pollen or sap, you’ll eliminate organic growth from occurring.

Taking care of Organic Growth

If growth has occurred and “cleaning” is needed, you can clean your roof this way:

  1. Determine the area of roof surface that needs to be cleaned (approx. 5 gallons will cover 900 square feet)
  2. Mix 70% water, 30% laundry bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite solution) and 1 cup of mild liquid household soap
  3. Mix in a 5 gallon bucket or larger
  4. Pour mixture into a 2 gallon or larger hand sprayer (DO NOT PRESSURE WASH)
  5. Spray mixture onto the affected areas
  6. Protect vegetation against cleaner runoff
  7. Rinse off any contacted vegetation
  8. Leave the mixture on the roof for a minimum of 24 hours. The sunlight and the mixture will continue to killing process of the organic matter on the roof surface. After the minimum 24 hours the solution may be rinsed of but again protect and rinse vegetation.


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