Keeping your metal roof cool on sunny days

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Cities all over the U.S. are seeing a fix in climate and heat from roofs in white paint. Now people are coating rooftops with it, as a way to cool buildings and have more efficient energy use.

Although paint seems very mundane – low tech and common, some brands promise it can be effective for helping the environment. White Roof Project, a New York based advocacy group says white-painted roofs can reduce a building’s summer energy use from 10% up to 40%! That’s a big difference.

We all know: just like wearing light colored clothes help us cool on sunny days, reflective surfaces can keep a roof 50F cooler than traditional tar. White paint reflects about 90% of the sun’s energy.


The big downside

White paints are mostly based on polymers and cannot reject UV Rays. This means that 3 years of UV degradation will cause polymer to absorb twice as much energy from the sun as it did when it was applied.

The high-tech solution

There’s a new kind of a paint that does away with the downsides of polymer-based paint. It’s a combination of silica (the main ingredient in glass) and silicon rubber. It doesn’t degrade in ultraviolet light and can last much longer than typical coatings.

The silica-based paint which will start field testing within the next two years, and researchers say it might take 5 years to get to stores.

So, what can I do to cool my home or building today?

We’re really happy to be installing DECRA Roofing Systems which are stone-coated steel roofs. Not only have they been tested to lower temperatures, but they will make your home look amazing.
In tests DECRA Villa Tile actually remained significantly cooler than the white asphalt shingle roof. The products we install also allow for continuous airflow across the deck, create less stress on the cooling system and lower energy consumption. 



Beautiful design, great for the environment! How could you go wrong?

DECRA profiles are backed by a 50-year limited warranty, a 120 mph wind warranty, are Class 4 impact resistant and steel is a non-combustible, Class A rated material. Stone coated steel does not use asphalt in the manufacturing process, all water run-off meets World Health Organization standards and does not harm the groundwater – just one more reason to choose DECRA.

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