Lawn Care Checklist for Fall

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Autumn is almost here and we’ve got a checklist to make sure you prep your lawn for winter and save time in spring.

It’s a great time to go outside, enjoy the cooler weather and fall color. It’s also time to start thinking about ways to get your lawn winterized and ready for spring.

  1. Prune Trees for Safety
  2. The Last Trim
  3. Winterize your Lawn
  4. Get rid of all the Leaves

Prune Trees for Safety

Remove dead or fragile branches that can become a risk when falling down on people or property. Winter is sure to add some weight to these branches so make sure they’re gone during fall. You can use a pole saw to avoid a ladder and for larger limbs, a chainsaw.

The Last Trim

Get your trimmer out and give those hedges and bushes one last trim. The good thing is, they’ll be under control and looking good when they green up in spring.

Slowly run a hedge trimmer along the top and sides, letting the blade do the work. Again, keep the base wider than the top. Step back every once in awhile to check your work.

Winterize your Lawn

Take a nice and cool fall weekend to winterize your lawn to save time in the spring and maximize the health of your grass throughout the year.

This is a great way to do it:

  1. Rake your lawn and remove leaves, thatch and other debris.
  2. Mow your lawn to about 1.5”. Make sure you don’t remove more than 1/3 of your lawn’s height at once!
  3. Aerate to open up the soil to water, nutrients and air.
  4. Apply your winterizer lawn fertilizer according to the type of grass, watershed and soil.
  5. Make sure you overseed it and apply a top dressing of compost if needed, then water those seeds generously. You’ll want to water several times per day until the seeds germinate. Then, continue watering at least once per day.
  6. When your new lawn gets to about 3 inches, mow it one last time for the year.

Get rid of all the leaves

Give your grass air and sun by getting rid of all leaves. Also make sure your gutters are clean from leaves. Clogged gutters can get damaged easily under rain and snow. At Lianro, we install gutters that don’t clog easily. Check them out here!

Make sure you also get the leaves in your garage and patio area. Good power tools can save you lots of time and help you get behind objects and into corners.

Lastly, use the leaves you picked up for composting and feeding a beautiful, green lawn for the next year.

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