Metal Roofing Becomes Sign of a Top-End House

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Attractive metal roofing is quickly becoming the signature of expensive top-end homes in Colorado. But it’s not just the elegant look that’s drawn interested customers. Metal roofing is becoming a preferred choice among homeowners due to its many long-lasting benefits.

While it’s true that the cost of installing metal roofing is initially higher than other standard roofing systems, the overall life-cycle cost of metal roofing is lower because of its high performance, durability, and fifty-year warranty. This means you won’t find yourself facing typical wear-and-tear repair costs or routine re-roofing expenses every twenty years. In an unpredictable climate like Colorado, durability is important. Our metal roofing systems are made to withstand freezing temperatures, hail, heavy snow loads, and fires. Be sure to inquire about a fire-safe discount on new metal roofs with your insurance company.

Our roofing systems are available in a wide range of styles to fit your personal preference and budget—each nearly indistinguishable from standard options you may be familiar with. Chances are you’ve seen metal roofing without even realizing it. With our stone coated steel systems, real earth tone granules are placed on the final paint coat, which then is covered with a durable clear coat. All of our metal roofing systems are more lightweight than other roofing systems, though they are stronger and more durable. And all of our products are manufactured from G90 galvanized steel, which protects the metal from corrosion. Most of our steel and aluminum residential roofing is finished with a Kynar 500 coating—an extremely high-performance paint finish that is guaranteed against fading, peeling, and chalking. The Kynar coating is so tough that it also withstands the 400-ton metal-forming presses with no damage.

During installation, no additional roof supports are required and installation is quick. Only twenty-three 4-foot panels are needed per 100 square feet. In some cases, our metal roofs can be placed atop existing roofs, eliminating often dangerous and expensive tear-offs.

When building your dream home, you may also be concerned with environmental impact. With today’s heightened interest in and demand for ecologically sound building materials, our metal roofing systems rise to the top as the product of choice. This product is made of recycled material. And its durability reduces the need for replacement material. It’s also recyclable and energy efficient.

With more square footage, high-end homes can be quite expensive to heat and cool. However, customers are already reporting that their metal roofs have helped slash energy costs in both winter and summer. The Solar Energy Center found that installing a Rustic Shake aluminum roof can reduce attic heat gain in the summer by 34 percent, significantly decreasing air-conditioning costs. They also report that the metal roofing system creates no negative effect during winter.

The strengths found in our metal roofing systems give it an advantage over other re-roofing products. Our customers in Colorado and Kansas are finding that metal roofing is worth the investment. Finish off your beautiful home with one of our stunning, durable roofing systems.

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