No one ever said “it’s supposed to be that way.”

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Lianro Metal RoofsNothing makes the team here at Lianro Metal Roofs feel better than a great report from a customer. We work extremely hard to provide clients a top-notch experience when we install a high-quality metal roof from Decra or Metro. Our team really does take pride in excellence. We were thrilled last week to get a report from a recent client that shows exactly who we are. Enough from us, we’ll let him do the talking now!

“Bruce, Jimmy, Frank, Robert, and Sergio were true craftsmen of their trade. No one ever said ‘it’s supposed to be that way’ which is a credit to your company and supports your ‘peace of mind for a lifetime’ motto. We have neighbors commenting on how beautiful the roof is and we agree completely. I find myself staring at the roof because we are so pleased and have that ‘new car’ feeling, only better. Llana started it off great with photos and addresses of your work for us to see along with extensive knowledge to educate us about Lianro and Decra. Bruce addressed every concern we had and made corrections to excessive scuffing on tiles, a raised pipe jack, and additional shimming. If we ever move we will be putting on another Decra metal roof from Lianro. Thank you! –James Murphy.”

Thank you, James! Working with you was a pleasure!


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