Roofing: Behind the “Sheets,” Part 2

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Today we’re talking about outer roofing.

  • Contrary to the support beams, this part of the roof doesn’t really stay consistent and transcendent with culture and location. They vary greatly depending on several factors:
    • Availability of Materials: Due to the amount of roofing materials you are to use, the abundance of a certain material is quite necessary for it to be a practical and practicable option. You have to consider as well the availability of replacement parts in case fixes need to be done.
    • Climate: As mentioned earlier, heavier materials are needed for hurricane-prone and tornado-prone areas to prevent their roofs from being blown away. Lighter materials are advised, on the other hand, for areas which are earthquake-prone to prevent it from collapsing during strong quakes.
  • Which leads us to the reason as to why metal roofing is very much popular for houses in temperate climates such the United States and parts of Europe. The adaptability of metals toward changing climates allow them to be very much suitable for the typical American house. And the availability of the materials used in building these roofs make them a very practical choice, as well.

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