Everyone has their own definition of the perfect home. And everyone has their own home life experience. Our own characterization of our lives all depends on how we see things. But subjectivity aside, there are some aspects of a home that are deemed “vital”, practically and holistically speaking.

1. Solid Foundation

This would be the first thing house-builders (or any builder for that matter) would make. And it makes complete sense. No house would stand for long without a sustainable foundation as this would allow a structure to withstand natural calamities that would topple it down.

The importance of having a proper foundation even reaches as far back as when humans started living permanently. Heck, even the bible has used the value of having a strong foundation as an analogy of getting your life together. So before anything else, make sure your house won’t just be some pretty face that gets demolished by minor tremors. Make it sustainable. Make it strong. Make it solid.

2. Strong, Insulating Walls

Walls are as vital to a home as much as a body needs muscle. They are so important in fact that without any walls, there will be nothing to differentiate the outside from the inside. Without walls, your roof will not have enough support, nor will you be protected from external elements. Sure, you’ll be protected from the rain, but once the wind starts blowing then good luck with keeping yourself warm and cozy.


Without walls, you’re basically living in a large gazebo.

And it’s not enough to settle with walls that simply put up for the sake of it. Its capability to insulate heat, withstand wear and tear, and remain stable in case of earthquakes and other natural calamities is extremely vital in keeping your home happy and safe. Having a walling system that keeps you safe and warm is what’s focal. Make sure your wall of choice ticks these boxes before looking at any other criteria.

3. Proper Ventilation

Having a livable home means having a home where you can actually LIVE in. Where you can breathe and rest without difficulty. Where it doesn’t feel like a freezer truck during winter, nor does it feel like a sauna during summer. Having an well-insulated, well-ventilated home means you’re looking at your house as a place to stay in comfort and not just as an aesthetically pleasing status symbol.

Invest more towards windows that keep the cold out and the cool in. Heating systems that save energy but sufficiently warm up the house on a cold, winter night. Check this article out to know more about the best ways to ventilate your home.

4. Safe, Efficient Roof

The importance of a roof can be best observed at the prevailing idea that any structure is not, by any technical means, considered a house unless it has a roof. The mere saying of putting a “roof over one’s head” is a clear manifestation of how society values the presence of the roof above any other physical part of the house.

And this is not without valid reason. Roofs, in its most basic purpose, protect anyone under it from unpleasant weather. May it be rain, snow, hail or sunlight. Having a roof over your head is enough to assure you that you can sleep soundly under most circumstances.

This is exactly why having an efficient roof is essential in having a effective home. In our next blog, we will be giving you the three main characteristics of an efficient home for you and your family. So watch out for that.

5. Happy Family

But as much as how walls draw the line between outside and inside, and how a roof allows a walled structure to become a house, it’s the family that lives in these houses that truly makes a home, a home.

And it cannot be said more completely than through this:

And honestly speaking,  people who are truly content with their way of life are the ones living in truest of homes, insulated or otherwise.

So go, build your dream house! Make it warm, cozy and personal. Make it the best hang out place and the perfect meditation area. Make it yours, make it everyone’s. And most of all, make it a place you’d be more than willing to call home.

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