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Dear Lianro:

We recently reroofed our home and after obtaining about a half dozen estimates from different companies, we selected Lianro Metal Roof to perform the reroofing services. We were extremely satisfied in every way with their business procedures. They were very accommodating in providing us roofing samples while we were in the selection process and they also assisted us by providing addresses of other homes that they had completed for our viewing so that we would be happy and assured with our final selection.

We are extremely happy with the roof itself. The quality of the workmanship was excellent. They were very meticulous after the roof was installed to assure that all our skylights were properly replaced and also to assure that the paint trim on the exterior of the house was retouched to our satisfaction. The company personnel was very professional and our interactions with them were most pleasurable. They were extremely patient and tactful in awaiting payment for the roofing services from the insurance company.

We would not hesitate to recommend Lianro Metal Roof to anyone and we haue nothing but compliments to pay to this company. Doing business with Lianro Metal Roofing Company has been one our most pleasant business experiences to date. We would be happy to provide further information upon request.

Sincerely yours,

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