Why Stone Coated Steel is a Smart Choice for Re-Roofing

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If you’re a homeowner or business owner looking to use stone coated steel roofing, DECRA Roofing Systems is a smart choice for your re-roofing needs. Each of the DECRA options has the superior physical benefits of lightweight stone coated steel paired with an attractive aesthetic of your choice (Tile, Villa Tile, Shake, Shake XD, Shingle, and Shingle Plus). These metal-based roofing systems are high-performance products with such elegance it’s difficult to visually distinguish them from traditional standard roofing options you may be familiar with.

Customers across Colorado and Kansas are already experiencing the benefits of stone coated steel roofing because it’s a product developed for better performance. The pride of DECRA Roofing Systems is found in the physical characteristics it possesses. The main component—steel—is lightweight and does not burn or break, while its stone coating resists UV penetration and fading.

When it comes time for hanging holiday lights, installing satellite dishes, or repainting the house, you may find yourself wondering if your current roofing system is going to withstand the pressure of your weight without cracking. You know that even the slightest damage can lead to rain leakage, causing interior water damage. When using a DECRA roofing system, you can be confident knowing they are made with 26-gauge steel. Another standout feature is found in its lightweight composition. DECRA stone coated steel roofs weigh half as much as typical composition shingle roofs, meaning they are light enough for installation over an existing cedar shake or composition shingle roof. This can eliminate a messy, somewhat hazardous, and costly tear-off. Installing over pre-existing roofing also means you’re adding another layer of insulation. Many stone coated steel customers throughout Colorado and Kansas, including those who did not install over pre-existing roofing, have reported a reduction in their energy costs during both summer and winter when using DECRA.

And what about weather? You can also have peace of mind knowing that extremely strong winds, hail, heavy snow loads, and freezing temperatures will not compromise the durability of a stone coated steel roof—all very real concerns for those located in climates which experience such harsh and unpredictable conditions as the those living in Colorado and Kansas. DECRA Roofing systems carry a 50-year warranty against 120 mph winds and Class 4 Impact Resistance on penetrating hail.

On the off chance you may one day encounter a fire at your home or business, it’s important to consider how your roofing system will respond. Another benefit of this stone coated steel roofing system is that it’s made of noncombustible material. This means DECRA Roofing Systems will not catch fire. By being impervious to the effects of internal and external flames, a fire below can be contained more quickly. And an added bonus for firefighters is the strength of these roofing systems. When there is need to stand atop the building, some slippery roofing systems can make it difficult and dangerous for firefighters to do their work, however, our slip-resistant stone coated steel roofing systems allow for safe and secure access to your roof.

The strengths found in DECRA stone coated steel roofing systems give it an advantage over other re-roofing products. On the West Coast of North America, more than 100,000 individual homeowners and numerous homeowners’ associations have also chosen a stone coated steel roofing system. And our customers in Colorado and Kansas alike are finding that stone coated steel roofing is worth the investment. Will your next roof be a DECRA Roofing System?




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